Sunday, November 06, 2011

Lakshmi Comforts at Bangalore

I dont want to miss writing about this boy.  Few weeks back, the day after Namma metro was launched, I went to Bangalore for receiving the Deloitte award. I cant handle numbers so I dont know the date.  I had taken a train which landed up at the Cantonment station at the wee hours of the morning, rushing from the compartment with my bag I fell onto the tracks hanging a bit helpless till some people in the station helped me out.  I may not remember this incident for long another shocker awaited me at the hotel.  It was a short auto ride to the hotel.  The main entrance was shut and in two knocks a boy emerged, sleepy and tired, yet opened the door and immediately his face lit up. It was like a loved one waiting for you at home ( well that seldom happens these days) .  Homes have become so functional.  From here began my time in Lakshmi Comforts.

Checking in, this boy helped through the formalities in a jiffy, handed the room keys and a bottle of Aquafina.  I came back after some rest this boy was all over the place. I was sitting in the reception area pretending to read the papers but all along observing his work. He was delivering breakfast to room, volunteered to iron clothes, handling check ins and check outs, picking up phones all this he was doing effortlessly.

Now a bunch of cops walked in, and I thought in my mind they were freeloaders.  The boy was not to be found, so they kept calling Vigneshu,  I assumed that they must be asking for that boy and I figured out that the boys name is Vignesh and the 'u' that followed his name was an expression of love. They marched in had their breakfast and paid for it while stepping out.  I assume they were attracted by the food, which was of high standards and the quality of service, and young Vignesh stood out.

Now to load all credit on Vignesh may not be proper, yes he is remarkable probably his age helps him to be agile. People with the best of enthusiasm and strength need to work if the working conditions are not good.  For this boy to work with a full heart would me that there is a wonderful management behind him.  While I observed the others from Manager to the sweeper, I realized it was the same commitment.  While having my breakfast the floors were being cleaned.  There were two ladies who were cleaning them, Without any supervision they were cleaning every nook and corner. They never disturbed me a bit, though I volunteered to move to another place.  They waited for me to finish and then they proceeded with their work.  I overheard a conversation the Manager was having with an employee,  He we was very tough but not unreasonable, the worker responded with amazing attitude too.

I have come across a similar kind of service at Mercy Electronics at Chennai and with Vipin Sachdev of Pink Pappaya.  Truly its people who can make all the difference,  The management has to be credited for providing such a lovely environment for people to work, 

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