Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 ways to overcome the petrol rate hike

Okay did I say five?  I said it because there cant be just one way to solve mans problem.  And moreover the tutor in the social media workshop told me to use numbers in my headline to attract more attention.  Honestly there is only one way to overcome petrol hike which is not to buy it.  Well that is a dumbass kind of solution and you will not take me seriously.  

I want you to spend more time reading this and at the end feel good.  The last think I want people to say of me  is "here is another cheater!!!!'  so i will surely give you the best solution. 

First way.

Assume that you are a person who is already careful about using your car or your two wheeler.  You dont make casual trips or detours and you dont use your vehicle for short distances. So you are a conservative person already.  How else can you save on petrol?  Think of 4 days a month and call it a no vehicle day.  Now you try going to your work place with a combination of walk, bus/train and auto.  Make sure you use minimum auto.  Try to make 4 days into five days and you can do a maximum of upto 5 days a month. 


Second way. 

Set up a nice home office environment and convince your boss that you will work from home. Try to do this 5 days a month .. but start small 2 days and then move it up to 5.  And make sure you really work hard and make your boss happy and make them beleive that its well worth it.


Third way. 

Buy yourself a good cycle and cycle to office atleast 5 days a month.  This is real good. 



Fourth way. 

Buy yourself a good cycle and cycle to office atleast 15 days a month.  This is ever better. 




Fifth way. 

Buy yourself a good cycle and cycle to office .  This is the best. By doing this you will not only save money on petrol but also medicines.  Cheers

Dont curse the petrol hike. It makes us think. 


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