Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poem - Weighing scale by Srinath Varadarajan

When you think you are loved, there is someone to hate you, 
When you think you are scared, there is someone to fear you, 
When you think you have done enough, there is always something more you need to do, 
When you decide to quit, it becomes your beginning,
Extremities in everything - emotions, events, people, 
Yet they all co exist, they all flourish.

Extreme emotions running wild, 
Anger gushing through the blood, 
With the want to kill freezing the blood, 
To make it cold blooded.

Love on the other side, 
An emotion undefined, 
Hormonal or not, no one really knows, 
But certainly makes one feel good, 
But if manipulated, 
More dangerous than all hatred put together.

A friend to cherish, 
A friend turning into foe to perish,
An enemy waiting to take revenge, 
A lover to love you left right and centre.

To say one, to not say it the next time, 
To believe in one, to disbelieve the same, the next moment, 
To dislike one, to like it the next moment, 
To stand by something, to lose it the next moment.

Happiness at one time, 
Grief the other, 
Success yesterday, 
Failure today, 
Opportunity tomorrow.
Death and life - physical and mential,
Happening now and then.

Extremities are a way of life, 
Fluctuations in everything, 
An inconsistent graph, 
A maze always.

Extremities - two scales of a balance,
Two scales greedy to win over the other, 
Ever competing, want to prove a point, 
An equilibrium needed to balance the two, 
To put in place the extremities, 
To keep the status quo, 
The as is where is status.

An equilibrium - where do you find, 
From a person, thing or event,
How you will you find an equilibrium, 
In factors that cause those extremities?
Equilibrium can never be found outside, my friend,
Equilibrium to be searched within, 
Equilibrium in oneself.

Equilibrium - an understanding, 
That extremes coexist, 
In a mixture that is beautiful, 
Equilibrium - an attempt, 
To mix it to suit oneself, 
A mixture that is unique to oneself.

To choose when you love and when to hate, 
To choose when you attack and when to defend, 
To choose when you lose and when to win, 
To choose when you joy and when you grief.
To choose when you get angry and when you be patient, 
To choose yourself and others, 
To choose to be you.

The scales in the weighing scale, 
The extremities in life - both within and outside,
Equilibrium in the weighing scale, 
Is nothing but your choice,
To find yourself in a world when you are lost,
To live the life by your choice, 
To be you.  

Srinath Varadarajan

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