Friday, October 05, 2012

Why I did not attend TEDx

My friend asked me the question ... and he deserves an answer. 

For many years I could not make out the difference between what arouses the instinct  and emotion and the intellect.  And then happened what actually grabbed my attention was TED Talks had circumnavigated the drabness of hard content (which was often tedious to watch) By curating the talks so wonderfully that it was presented in a way that it gave enough to the instinct and emotion and yet fed the intellect.  I was might impressed. This was what I wanted to pursue and go after till I bumped to the brass wall of event managers wanting to make capital in some form having no clue about how it has to be managed. I stood afar, shedding a tear now and then, whilst a wonderful format was raped and ravaged. I could see the event becoming a monster and as it grew in size and gobbled up the conference side of TED.  

The spirit of innovation and ideation is born out of dialogues, discussion and dissent.  Here I was almost taunting, my dear friends, who were taking this astray.  I was either ignored or abused and termed as a negative person.  It was at this point that I realized it was pointless. 

The latest edition of TEDx Chennai .. with the theme LIFE BY DESIGN, understand is the name of the company which is run by the person who sponsored this program. BTW this company is into motivational stuff and that's why you see the entire speaker panel in the 2012 edition is full of motivational speakers.  This is a very intelligent way of circumnavigating the rules laid down by TED on sponsorship and commercialization.  Well we Indians are good at it aren't we?  This is a IDEA WORTH SPREADING after all. 

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