Friday, January 11, 2008

Chennai Sangamam

A wonderful Friday morning. My morning stroll at the Annanagar Park started rather late. As I was walking to the park with the sole intention of breaking my body with some strenuous walking and loose some fat I was in for a surprise. I heard some wonderful morning ragas flowing in the air. My gait moved to a rhythm of slow beats, but surprisingly I was walking faster than usual.

It was Chennai Sangamam, its effort to promote Tamil culture is sure paying off. The timing was splendid, sandwiched between the Carnatic Music Season and Pongal, a wonderful bridge and so tastefully planned to reach out to all.

What is so surprising was the casual and elegant presence of Ms. Kanimozhi, who was like one of em walking with her friends. I some how did not quite believe it. This shows her involvement and her seriousness about what she is doing. She was simple and very pretty indeed. I was so thankful to God for giving us such wonderful culturally inclined leaders. She sure is a wonderful property and treasure of Tamil Nadu

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