Thursday, January 10, 2008

The good news in a twinkle of the eye

I watch a good movie, or sink my teeth into a good steak then its natural for me to go tell this to everyone. The good news about the movie was that it was pleasant to eyes and warmed the heart and about the food that tickled the pallet and pleased the tummy. Is it not it natural for man to share the goodness around?

Depending on what he had tasted he would make sure the message of goodness goes even to the uttermost parts of the world. Provided he had tasted and seen that it is good. What will you say of those who has not tasted but taken upon themselves to tell other to taste and see? Is that man working for wages for someone or is he just a chatterbox with a glib tongue who finds it difficult to dwell in silence and peace?

The launch program of Microsoft Vista or the tiger at a zoo feasting upon a naïve photographer makes news. The news gets flashed around on Television, internet and the newspapers. Are these merchants of media true evangelists who carry the news so rapidly and interestingly to the corners of the world? If the good news needs to reach everyone, shouldn’t one know the good news? Broadcasting the good news lie not in slick packaging and production or glib talk. Its got to do with words and spirit fused in equal measure not 50:50 equation but in 100:100 equation. It’s to transmit the message, have it communicated, and impacting the receiver in a twinkling of an eye.

The key to this for the sender to first understand and taste the good news in all its fullness….

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Sidharth said...

I came to know Yeshua from the hindu faith, and I must tell you, Yoga in any form is dangerous whether Christian is attached to it or not.

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