Friday, June 20, 2008

Outsourcing or Abdicating

The other day I saw a program in National Geography, on how families with single child, particularly the rebellious sort are sent to a correction school (???) which is a heady mix of a military school and torture chambers. I could see the children crying and bleeding at times. I beleive that this method is an outcome of a leftist world view and I have no judgement to pass.For a humanistic level this is tragic. That children are being treated this way, be it in Tirupur or Beijing or in every single ambitious home.How does ambition come it? In a free market economy - hard/smart work equals money or riches. This is a clear equation that is finding its way into peoples life. And Riches is only measure with the physical investments. The root of the problem lies some where here.Is important that we do not bite into this western world view and hold on to our own. Our joint family, our social structure, the most prominant place for elders, etc are our riches not the gold under our feet, or the shares in the DP account.Its important for the Indian families to get rooted on our culture and heritage. Speak to children regularly, teach them the stories and the history of our land, root them on the culture, expose them to different world views with out getting them begotted., nurture them with values. PLEASE DO NOT OUTSOURCE EDUCATION WTIH TUTIONS AND DISCILINE BY SENDING THEM TO RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLSThat is the greatest damage you can do to the next generation

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