Thursday, July 24, 2008


I seemed to have trained myself to bring to the forefront of my mind all my experiences of dismay when I hear the first bundle of the spectral content of the sound of disappointment. It so happened that when my friend called me up, I summed up the situation in such rapid pace that her actual unfurling of the grave issue concerning a career setback just about reinforced my early judgment.

I realized that a typical professional of nearly two score and five years, can err in contending with competition by immersing fully into professional activity. This is but a natural response to threat, particularly for those in the middle station, the animal instinct of protecting the boundaries zealously and marking it every day is but a ritual of sorts. This instinct is typical of the Pre IT era which eulogized proprietary ideas. Well, but we live in times when we are to collaborate and contribute to open source, we live in a state of interdependence.

Comprehending this may be a challenge of sorts for those who started out with type writers and telex machines. While a typewriter, without the CTRL X keys, demands perfection, precision and accuracy; the computer accommodates free thought and flow removing all fears of folly. The laws of life may remain the same but the tools of expressions have changed and have also impacted decisions and outcomes.

Carrying this typewriter mindset may lead to continuous exposure to smirks and sighs making a person frown so often and sleep so less that it manifests on the face as glabeller lines also called the frown lines. These lines, peppered with some grey hair, can momentarily stack your table with chips of credibility and image that can nibble furiously into your vitality zone. When your glabellas are wearing a constant smirk it’s publicizing an aging body, sagging ‘morale’, and an ancient spirit. You need to know that its time to Botox your career.

A Young & Rubicam study mapped successful brands as those who score high on image and vitality on a 100:100 Image and Vitality ratio (not 50:50 ratio). While image was important for current profitability, vitality and irreverence ensured the future relevance and profitability of the brand. Straddling image and vitality is the key to long term survival. Professionals with experience need to stay young in mind, by removing frown lines, dark spots, and puffiness on the surface and by contending with more internal challenges from cellulites to impotency. A Botox will surely do well for the show window but for real performance? You may need to inviagrate yourself. .

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