Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Temple Cleaners.

The internecine squabble between Cain and Abel probably drew the curtains on the hunting and gathering economy and ushered in the agrarian economy with the shed blood of Abel. Subsequently the blood shed on the cross provided the climate of thought influencing language, art, economy and social life thus ushering in grace. The grace of God, manifested in Jesus Christ, enveloped the Industrial age and continues to be relevant even to the free-floating netizens in a more enlightened, almost angelic, cyber realm of today. The challenge is to study future scenario which is fast unfurling in conjunction with the word of God. The World Wide Web has been a vessel of quasi-religious longing. For those seeking to transcend the physical world, the Web is more of a Paradise, as we're all bodiless, symbols speaking to symbols in symbols in the Internet .

Molecules, Biotechnology, and evolution; in other words life sciences are to become the key drivers of business and economy, CSR perforce will find a place as a value creator at the molecular level. Life Science without life, impossible!

More than an endeavor to integrate core values into the DNA the challenge will be to whip away commercial activity from sacred ground. Our engagement must be to make sure that the money changers do not take over the temple. While we are the temple of God we need to make sure that altruism, which is an inborn genetic trait, is not weakened by selfishness and crass commercialization particularly on an individual level.
I believe that creation happens when the situation is without and form and void, though I have not incline to the Theory of Chaos. So I hold on to the powerful truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the firm hope that He holds our future.

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