Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Theologically enabled Strategist

I was an indoctrinated pessimist. My eyes opened to light on the day when I heard Mr Abel Raj share about the theology of work, and about the kingdom increasing and crushing the evil forces in the process. May be an epiphany happened that I started looking at life and dispensations, fall and the hope in Christ from a different perspective altogether. In spite of all the doomsday baggage I carried I have trained my eyes, big and round, to look at things from a very Biblical way through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I am of the opinion that the world, in spite of all its follies, will have to integrate best practices and overall social responsibility into its code. Perversion may not cease but the fragile nature of the system will bring it out into the open almost immediately. It is the fear of mutual destruction that will compel compliance to good principles. It really does not matter as long as the kingdom of God bulldozes into the world by sheer force. Didn’t we have a sneak preview of this with the AIDS epidemic?

The blurring of lines are likely to happen between organic and inorganic, natural and artificial, the living and the non living. It its more likely that the Blood of Jesus Christ will manifest its power as it energizes the dry bones and bring it to life, for the life cycle of the gospel is not in the Q4 decline but it moves from strength to strength impacting all areas of life and even conquering death. It is the source of life influencing every human being personally and entraining the chaotic actions of the individuals to combine and shift to ordered actions of a collective system.

The work of a believer will remain unchanged not as a moral policeman or whistle blower but as a theologically enabled strategist.


Abel Raj said...

"The work of a believer will be... that of a theologically enabled strategist"
What a way to put the glorious truth ! I am truly inspired to be a theologically enalbed strategist.

Faith strategizing! Not as blindly playing out Harvard Business School Wisdom using Boston Consulting Group tools but reflecting on the complexities of business world drawing upon Biblical resources for serious thinking - thinking that is conceptual and refuses to reduce to the merely pragmatic , thinking that is both critical and creative that advances the Kingdom by aligning with the King's intentions and energies and stewarding the boundless riches stored up in Christ

Annie Stephen said...