Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is google like god?

Alan Cohen, vice President of Airespace, says " Goodle is like God, God is wireless, God is everywhere, and God sees everything. Any question in the world, you ask Google"

Interesting?? Iam reminded of a biblical passage with says "God is spirit and they that worship must worship in sprit and in truth"

As a kid I used to wonder how the day of judgement will be, when the scroll is being read the roll is called up. Google gives you the preview of whats ahead.

Thomas L Friedman the author of "THE WORLD IS FLAT" says that "in a flat world, you can't, hide, and smaller and smaller rocks are turned over. Live your life honestly, hecause whatever you do, whatever mistakes you make, will be searchable one day. The flatter the world becomes, the more ordinary people become transparent and available..... In a world of Google, your reputation will follow you and precede you on your next stop. It gets there before you do... Reputation starts early now. You dont get to spend four years getting drunk. Your reputatin is getting set much earlier in life."

Always tell the truth that way you wont have to remember what you said- Mark Twain

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