Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why should you expose your children to literature?

He was fat and plumpy, quite dull looks, and cried endless the first day I met him. He refused to talk and acted so freaky. I get along well with kids, but this kid would not budge. It was very easy for me to say he needed help. His mom agreed, in fact she was actually moved to tears thinking about her son.

Day one, day two and day three were very frustrating but on day four his crying stopped and then we became friends he started playing with me. By the 8th day I realised that he was not a bozo but a smart kid - a bonzer

This child did not perform well in academics and in life, well what was the problem? He was smarter than the average dude, life with low challenge actually killed his enthusiasm and his spirit. I realised that the genius in a child can get get lost with the ones with learning difficulties if measure with the academic yardstick.

The solution would be to expose children to literature and thought. Complicated subjects can be handled by child. For instance, Krishnas plea to Arjuna to do his duty and Arjuna reluctance to do his duty considering the consequence (of war). . This cannot be resolved easily but if you expose these conflicts to the child in an early age you are feeding his brain with challenges, and the brain loves it.

These concepts will constantly resonate in the childs mind and will occupy and keeps his neurons firing always. The child will search all over to resolve conflicts, the chances of the child gravitating to higher levels of reading is very high.

Go on dont underestimate the child.

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