Sunday, August 31, 2008

Steet Culture - India

I hate traffic, the noise, the smoke and being a writer of sorts I have the power to choose my trips. Lucky me. , I prefer public transport, a combination of walk, taxi and auto suits me fine. The fact that urban life is getting so clogged is countered by the increase of oil prizes so it may some day even out and people will start cycling and walking. Only wish that our urban planners understand that Walking and Cycling is the key to urbanity and plan our streets accordingly.

I remember trying the Corporation of Chennai to permit us to use public loo's to carry the AIDS awareness message funded by Bill Gates Foundation. They refused. I had also discussed with the Aavin ( milk producer ) to lease out the space to form - morning kapi groups, and they refused. Then I spent nearly 8 months getting the Corporation permission to sponsor the parking tickets. I realized that our bureaucrats are paid to refuse.

The Railways were much better, they permitted me to paint the entire suburban train and then do a personalized mailer activity in Shatabdi trains.

The opportunities available on the OOH front is enormous, now that the hoardings have disappeared in most cities and with the street spams like posters and banners also being banned, planned aesthetically executed ideas can add tremendous value to city scape.

Its a quite a media arc for Mr Pradeep Guha, 28 years in the Newspaper then with ZEE TV for three years and now in OOH on his own, you can expect him to ignite the media landscape with Street Culture.

It will do a load of good if he can get some culture on the streets, that will be a bonus.

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