Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jonah Berger -

"Communication. Consumers want other people to think certain things about them, and so they wear clothes that communicate particular identities. Conspicuous consumption, or spending lots of money on visible goods, is a good way to try and communicate wealth, but this signal breaks down when any wannabe can buy a certain car or handbag. What were once status symbols become just aspirational markers rather than the real thing. Consequently, insiders may engage in more inconspicuous consumption to signal only to others in the know. Such subtle signals may be almost invisible to the mainstream, and this helps maintain their cache." Marketing expert Jonah Berger
Dogs on the Street, Pumas on Your Feet:
How Cues in the Environment Influence
Product Evaluation and Choice

Where Consumers Diverge from Others:
Identity Signaling and Product Domains

Contextual priming: Where people vote
affects how they vote

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