Saturday, August 23, 2008

What the heck? We have the Sun

Many years ago the one time richest man, Adnan_Khashoggi ,
visited Chennai and had a press conference in Taj Coromandal.
Like most rich men he was simple too. Spoke simple words
and simple theories. I recently bumped into him as I was with
Ariel Sharon (reading about him)

Adnan Khashoggi was actually surprised at the problems India
was facing he said... You have water you have sun now whats the
problem. The problem he does not know, we have people too.
People who are anti work and anti innovation.

"I for one believe that over the ages India has been consistently
failed by all the institutions, its only hope lies with the Industry.
So far they are doing a great job about it. I was reading Anand
Mahindra, of Mahindra group, writing about the alternate energy.
I found his plea very passionate.

"One might think that India would be as obsessed as the rest
of the world is with finding alternate energy solutions.
Unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence of that.
But why aren’t we willing to grab this potential inflection point,
and with our low-cost innovation skills tip the world into the
widespread use of viable alternative energy sources?"

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