Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Annadurai CN

I had this privilege of running my business in the premises of Annadurai, at 7 Avenue Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai. For nearly 14 months I was there, and I used to see this small bust of the great man kept in the front of the house. The place is modestly tucked and most of them do not about this place. Since he did not have a child he had apparently adopted Dr Parimalam a wonderful gentleman (who apparently committed suicide).

Recently I was reading about Dr CN Annadurai and I found that as a young boy he was crowd shy and preferred Punniaykotteswarar temple to the crowded Varadaraja Perumal temple. Obviously the spent time with books, reading, reflecting and dreaming. He went on to become a magical orator, and a compelling writer.

I like his social approach "Kudumba pasam" (family love) was his model to mobilise people and keep them together. His social initiatives include the displacement of priests in the lifecycle.

A wonderful man who did not have children but said that all his followers were his brothers and sisters. Do all these wonderful people leave behind a legacy and path for the selfish to pervert and exploit?

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