Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oded Schramm

Oded Schramm melded ideas from two branches of mathematics into an equation that applies to a multitude of physics problems from the percolation of water through rocks to the tangling of polymers

His equation analyzes behavior in two dimensional systems near "phase transitions" when order suddenly out of disorder, like tiny magnets that suddenly line up in the sam direction.

He was born in Jerusalem

For his doctoral thesis he worked in the mathematical field of topology. Unlike most mathematicians who specialize in a niche, he jumped between varied branches of mathematics.

He took an equation first developed in 1923 by the mathematician Charles Loewner in a field known as conformal geometry and added ideas prom probability theory. He added random, or stochastic, variables to Loewner's equation and called the result stochastic Loewner evolution.

He brought together two branches of mathematics that were previously unrelated: conformal geometry and probability theory

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