Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hari Puttar - The Ghost

Ranbaxy tried hard on original drug compounds through proprietary research route- they failed. Indians are still incapable of being thought leaders after all they been encouraged to do what is being told, to knock off or copy. I personally feel that most Indian firms could be potential take over targets since their growth formula depends on incremental volumes and cost arbitrage unlike global leaders who are innovative and thinkers and have proprietary research in their portfolios.

And now "Hari Puttar" will probably provide the magic ingredient to the world to understanding the typical Indian Psyche. This will be haunt the Indian confidence and deal blows after blows to our image, and the worse is yet to come. There will be more companies and individuals who will be inspired by Hari Puttariqe style and like how USA (Ullasnagar Sindhi Association) mocked us for years, Hari Puttar will do to our current gen.
Its really sad that our Legal experts overlooked this perspective and went by the letter ignoring the spirit.

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