Friday, October 10, 2008

Buddha to Sankaracharya and beyond

Quite a travel, fortunately on holiday, the roads were not very jammed. The easy flow of traffic somehow prepared me to a evening of delight (ananda).
I realise how important it is for the individual to permeate his cultural position, and work out the questions to posit the answers found in the Jesus Christ.
Pushing a solution for a non existent problem is naive. The job is quite circutous but fruitful. Understand the cultural issues and religious philosophies (with an open mind) Deligently seek the truth in them, not to find fault or gaps.
And then you find the gaps or a vaccum apply the understanding provided by Christ.
Fill it and share it.

I came back after this meeting shared it with my son and nephew. Now Iam planning to invite Abel Raj to come home every saturday to teach us.

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