Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lord Deliver me from these Dees

Do people want everythink in shrink packs? Give them a list they will put on their outlook express and do it to perfection. Solutions for most problems for many can be handled by doing a list.
And my friend gave me a way to handle tasks... He said "
First make a list of all the tasks to do, then every morning run through them the 4 Ds. The D's are Do, Dump, Deligate and Delay. For the first time I decided to take it seriously and went a step further.

I did a quick design of four squares on corel draw, with quite attractive colors and made it my screen saver. Then I put all my jobs on the note pad and distributed in the squares. Beleive me I have so much to do so soon I just dont have the time to sit on my computer.

Now I need to decide whether to dump this method or be Delivered from this. I prefer chilling out worrying about the jobs undone.

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