Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Divisions work

This morning was a pleasant surprise, the front page of The Hindu carried a picture of the the CEC and the two Election Commissioners sitting together, all smiles. On the back end the political parties have apparently urged them to sink their differences and get on with their jobs. Iam glad that the differences surfaced and got blow over. The rancor may linger but the fact that the people are aware may make these respectable gentlemen behave differently.

I like this set up, two high strung individuals apparently with covert political affiliations and one stable balancing but dormant Commissionaire in Mr Quereshi. We need them all in different hues and shades to run a complex society such as ours and a challenging system like the democracy.
Contrast this with the Satyam fiasco when the the promoters and the directors cuddled together in apparent unity to rip the corporate system to shreds.

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