Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A man's Self is the sum total of all that he can call his. William James 1890

The Times of India, true to its banality, gave these crude statistics of the Ramalinga Raju's material possesions.
Roosevelt loved hunting the way that Imelda loves shopping. He loved the kick of the gun and the smell of the powder. He loved the antlers. The same sportive hormones may be active in Imelda. Nature is filled with wild waste, unthinkable redundancies. Why does nature toss off a billion sperm when only one of them is necessary to fertilize a human egg? Imelda's shoes, ecologically baffling, are part of the mystery of life.

At the height of her fame, the deposed Filipino dictator’s wife Imelda Marcos had more than a thousand pairs of shoes, 888 handbags and 508 gowns. As it turns out, had ex-Satyam Computer boss B Ramalinga Raju not been locked up and his fraud exposed, he may have given Imelda a run for her money in the next few fashion seasons.
Raju’s penchant for high fashion had led him to collect more than a thousand designer suits, if sources in the Enforcement Directorate are to be believed. According to documents prepared by Andhra Pradesh police and given to ED, the disgraced IT czar had 321 pairs of shoes and 310 belts.
Apart from leading a lavish lifestyle, Ramalinga Raju visited various big temples in Andhra Pradesh regularly and donated huge amounts of gold, which collated would approximate about two tonnes. His stargazing pursuits led him to buy a telescope, which valued at more than Rs 1 crore would be the most expensive in any Indian home.
Like many other multi-billionaires, Raju too liked to collect trophy properties around the world. Sources said he had “palatial mansions and villas” in 63 countries.
source: The Times of India

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