Sunday, February 08, 2009

Joblessness and Writing

Apparently the the least in the hierarchy of learning is knowledge related to technology.  Any activity of thought, reason and creativity is pushed  ruthlessly  to the peripheries. Surely the code developers seem to displace the thought leaders.

Disdain for thought and writing is just the manifestation the crassness of mind as a result of the luxury found in material.  When the olive tree sheds its leaves its time for the Word to make a come back.

The under girding of human mind is the word, and those who wield it handle it with much strain and anguish, well its not picnic for the mind when thoughts and ideas resonate constantly within  setting on fire patterns of comfort. It drains and it tires.

Droplets of sweat and rewards of work are fulfillment of the physical labour and work so mindless. The strain of the being, and the inward struggles and contradictions of the one who thinks and writes cannot be mopped away by the quietus of the comments. Its a simple disregard of the real and the embracing of the insipid.

Minds shaped by the environment to flow with the tide of popular thought towards the sea of desolation. Pity may not be word nor can 'pathetic' be apt what can be captured by the term 'death of the mind'.

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