Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Come together for Work sake!

Dont you think any institution must work amidst strife. I fear the cozy bedfellows who cuddle up in on accord and systematically manupulate decisions. I was rather astounded the at Directors of Satyam were a mute witness to the extravagance and the subterfuge of Mr Raju. This is a case of Watchdogs becoming employees.
Iam glad that there is strife within EC. They should be at logger heads at each other yet work. They must distrust each other yet work. For works sake or for democracy sake they must stand united. For every other thing they must claw each other.
Only then can the system function in a democracy.
I happen to know Mr Navin Chawla personally. He was involved with Sanjay Gandhi as he was cleaning up the system (?) during emergency. Navin is a fantastic admistrator, a seasoned beauracrat, a suave gentleman, but a crook who wears a cloak of Mother Theresa.
Democracy needs him. Iam sure Gopalaswami is a great guy too. Democracy needs him too. And we need the silent Mr Querishi too.

Its kind of fun. A powder keg to explode some thoughts in our minds. Not get too uptight. After all Democracy will roll on. Its crazy but it will roll on. These guys will be soon be forgotten, and buried amongst the ballots (real and rigged). So chill

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