Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Learning Center

We had a tough time identifying the place and finally it was in a very narrow lane and then a detour through a more narrower lane that can be trod by 2 averagely built men shoulder to shoulder. The place was called PG Club , a winner's arcade. There was no noise and no noise around, I was hesitating on the door step "Do I ring the bell and disturb the peace or get back to the car?'.
Then I see a small board - Need prior appointment. Its quite an irony it was this small board that was supposed be an entry barrier, gave me the courage to ring the bell to find out how I can get an appointment.

A young lass appeared, spoke in muted tunes, she showed no expression made me wait on the doorstep and went upstairs. After 2 minutes she appeared again and ushered me in. As I walked in, talking nearly 15 steps towards the center room, I tried to visually gather all the available data... I looked to the left and I saw small cubicles (like a call center) and I captured some students studying intently.

I waited for 3 minutes and Dr.Prasanth appeared from upstairs. I introduced myself and was trying to explain the purpose, apparently I was spoiling the peace of the place and I was quickly ushered into his private study. A very simple and impressive room.

I inquired of him about the concept of this place and he was very forthcoming. He reiterated, almost 2 or 3 times, that it was not a tuition center but a learning center. According to him he was just giving an environment to learn and regular counseling to motivate them. Having started the center around 14 months ago his only criteria for choice of the student was attitude and not marks.

The place is equipped with a full fledged library, has loads of digital material, so there is no lack of resources. He was training MBBS students who were wanting to do MD. In the first year the first and the third student was from his center.

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