Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mocking Death

I had this friend who lay in the bed since the doctors have fixed the day of her death. I went on a visit to meet her and I heard the home to be usual, the wierdest thing was the FM radio was playing up some loud songs, and she was listening to it. While the others around her felt uncomfortable she was quite comfortable and lay comfortably on her bed smiling. I was impressed.

Then I heard about a man (whom i plan to meet some day) who lost his leg in an accident (the bus ran over it) He picked up an auto and landed up in Royapettah hospital and found that such injuries cannot be treated there and that their ambulances will be used only to transfer patients to Govt Hospitals. He had no choice that he had take another auto and landed up in Apollo Hospitals. At the hospital he told the doctors to give him pain killers and all along he was taking to his relatives over his hand phone.

His son landed up from US and he was promptly asked to go back. He showed no panic or disappointment after losing his leg. He was looking towards his day of discharge. The first thing he did after he came home was call up those who supplied artificial legs. He was constantly looking towards the morrow. The present made no sense for him. He was looking forward to carrying out normal life, driving his own car in a months time. The attitude was wonderful.

Now I read about Jane Goody.

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