Saturday, March 07, 2009

Life spikes

She was short and peppy, her name was Radhika and she taught me Marketing in a nondescript location with some 25 others huddled in a room. Her physical stature earned her the nick name Pocket Edition.
One day, towards the end of the program, she told us to write our autobiography and share it with her or tear it, it was optional. So I got down to writing, rather typing on my Triumph portable machine. I took it seriously and tried to capture my child hood and my adolescence on paper and finally after covering it all I handed it over to her. I do not know if she read it. But it really helped me bundle the first part of my life..

Ever since I have been trying to do this, never got down to do this on paper, but I have managed to have my past abridged in my mind.

And I realized that the downward spikes have become so frequent that its more like that of a cricket team losing its top five batsmen for a low score. guess I have placed a lot of confidence on my tailenders. However these downward spikes have rooted me firmly on the real world like strong pegs that if my entire life were a canvas tent it sure will not be blow away by the strong winds. The slog overs will surely be fun. Hang on Benny, I told myself, letting my gloom evaporate.

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