Monday, March 09, 2009

The white candle wisdom of Rosa Valerie.

In the deep dark depths of the night
While the light of the stars
Pierced the dark canvas-like skies
Contemplating the stillness of silence
Amolan Dylan sat ice still
His companion – Rosa Valerie
Clutched her pet Alice, the tender Dove
Romancing nothingness with eyes shut

Dylan reveled in awe and wonder
While the dark coals of the night
Fired to locomotion his wondering mind.
Trains of emotions chugged to his heart
Amolan Dylan moved on
His companion – Rosa Valerie
Stroked her pet Alice, the tender Dove
Ticket less she waited in station unknown

Dylan's big beady eyes of faith caught
A dark feline, its eyes piercing
Glittering precious stones on ebony frame
A gentle purr pressured the heavy air
Amolan Dylan looked on
His companion – Rosa Valerie
Hugged her pet Alice, the tender Dove
Toggling betwixt fright and Hades

Dylan's hands of comfort – caring and tender
Stroked the sweaty palms of Rosa
Egging her to embark on journey to truth
Navigating her heart to the dark depth of the truth
Amolan Dylan egged on
Now Rosa Valerie found courage in a candle light
And let go his hand, and her tender dove
A franchise exercised on a simple white.

Dylan's life – delivered from bondage hues
Diving in the dark depths, he bloomed
But Rosa for a short moment of glee
Mistook a mere white candle for eternity
Then Alice, the dove, Dylan saw
Fluttering towards the feline dark, she said
"The plain vanilla so simple and white
Is bland sans the chocolate delight"

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