Sunday, March 29, 2009

save the beach

It took me nearly 60 minutes to reach the Besant Nagar beach, bang on I was in front of the venue - Boys club.  We sat in an enclosure sans a roof, on mats, with the sea breeze liberally providing the coolness.  The issue we were to discuss was to preserve our beach. 

Can you beleive it some ruthless business men for the sake of profit are planning to run this concrete structure (guaranteed to be ugly) along the coast.  I beleive the way things are going, travelling will become redundant, the fear of crowded roads etc is a huge scare we might not have to worry at all. But then that is the best case scenario.
Why invest rs1000 crores on a project of this magnitude if you cannot provide lanes for cyclists and pedestraian walks? This is what I object.  If you can provide good pathways for pedestrains to walk, many of us will walk, jog or skate. 
This is why I object to this project. 


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