Sunday, March 29, 2009

Iam glad you like the beach

I got to know about this group 'chaikadai' in a social networking site - facebook. I liked the name and I was sure people who handle such words sure have some good taste and good humor. With a click of a button I join up. Then I started getting in this updates. When the "Save the Beach" campaign was discussed my antenna went up. Yes I love the beach, I have not come across anyone who doesnt.

But people look at such beauties of nature from different perspectives. Some would like to play in the sand, wet their feet, munch on some groundnuts or sundals, fly kites, play cricket etc on the beach while some not wanting to have mud getting into their expensive shoes would like to sip beer and enjoy the breeze sitting in their cars.

But Iam sure there are many who would want a gallery view.. actually the innovative people from the chennai corporation took upon this project of constructing a gallery at Besant Nagar for the 'benefit' of the people. Thankfully the evolved residents of Besant Nagar protested and stalled th project.

Now comes the big gallery, where you can enjoy the wonderful sight of the sea while driving your cars. Hence this huge scheme from the government to constuct a express way all along the coast from Light House to Besant Nagar, snaking past some places like Theosophcial society, eating up some slums in the process and finally gobbling up the beauty of chennai.

So when I heard about this I decided to join the protest. Guess what the people who had come were pleasantly surprised since I came all the way from Annanagar to attend this meeting. They actually asked me what prompted me to land up. Dah!! i love the beach response from me, made them actually wonder. They simply said "Iam glad you like the beach"

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