Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Angel in tattered wool

She is known as Strumpet imperfect
In a little cabinet
They will have their pleasure here
Smoking filled in cigarette
A wholesome malady
Coming for remedy.
No RSVP required
Never will you regret

Paper sheets and card board fans
Guaranteed to cool your head
"Oh!!! Ahaa" They said

She is Strumpet imperfect
Indications on Google maps
Profile of a lazy bean
Takes you up the garden wet
"Oh!!! Ahaa" They said

Mama holds a bottled spice
Fries her fish ah! so nice
See her cry!!!!

If fear can drive you far from her
Try bungee jump from upstairs
If you find her so unclean
You fear the public toilets
Pierce her heart with words of hate
She cries aloud in secret
Sobbing relentlessly "aha mm aha"

In a world devoid of all the filth
Shampoos and brooms, you'll not address
Only angels flitting around

Reflection of the rights on wrongs
Two images must be there
Strumpet gal defines that which is imperfect
Surely she sobs her way
While angels watch her speak regret
Strumming harps they sing

She dons a halo on her head
Clothes sewn of tattered wool
Simple melodies
She humms........

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