Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freedom from 'crude tactics' - Get green

If there is one color the Imams in Iran will be worried about is the color 'green'. No not the green currency but the real green - the environment hues. If a frontal military intervention is likely to fail waving the 'green cloth' is sure to stop the theocrats on their tracks. After all an economy that relies on its natural wealth, oil, that they are endowed with and if its being exploited to hold the world at ransom, its time we sit up.

Thomas L Friedman in his column in NYTimes says this

Oil is the magic potion that enables Iran’s turbaned shahs — “Shah Khamenei” and “Shah Ahmadinejad” — to snub their noses at the world and at many of their own people as well. So, although he presides over an economy that makes nothing the world wants, he can lecture us about how the West is in decline and the Holocaust was a “myth.” Trust me, at $25 a barrel, he won’t be declaring that the Holocaust was a myth anymore.

If the middle east, have rich oil resource right under their feet, its time for the free world to look about and harness the power of sun - solar energy. We need to start right away, clothe ourselves with green, you will surely see that 'crude tactics' actually don't work.

Read Thomas L Friedman writing about this THE GREEN REVOLUTION in NYT

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wow!! this is wonderful, i twittered this link and connected with Muhammad Siddique of Afgan news