Thursday, June 25, 2009

Karzar is corrupt and weak - and ready to win

Quite a puzzle this, for a lay person like me, following international politics Afganistan is seen as a war zone. But elections??? that is the last thing I will associate with Afganistan.

Afganistan will go to polls. Ha!!! Ha!! don't laugh. If you have read about the rigging in Iran can Afganistan be far behind you may bubble think. But elections are fun, make the rules and break then and come back and rule.

For nations such as these whose economies are lubricated by rigs, from whence cometh forth oil, rigging should not be a problem. We in India are ready to help too.

President Hamid Karzai has embarrassed the Americans. Since the fall of Taliban in 2001 Karzai has presided over a nation which has seen the resurgence of Taliban and the increase in poppy trade.

Karzai over the months have made his people believe in the fate of him coming back again... and its this sense of resignation that will be a damp squib on the demoralised electorate who will keep away from voting. Unless the fire in Iran spreads over through Tweets.

Anyway let us look forward to some change.

The leading contenders are Mr. Karzai, Mr. Ghani (once a close friend of Karzai) and Dr. Abdullah, a former foreign minister.

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