Monday, June 29, 2009

Playing Poker - Jesus Style????

My friend Joseph Thomas has written a wonderful article titled "WHY JESUS IS MY HERO & WOULD HAVE BEEN, EVEN IF HAD I NOT BEEN A CHRISTIAN?" check his blog

Jesus says that he had the power to summon a legion of angels. Whether it was a bluff or not depends on the call. In a game of poker if one is holding a royal flush and the other is holding a Straight flush in the same suit, and if the guy holding a royal flush DECLARES that he has a Royal flush and the other guy has no Ace or King to the suit and the community cards has the Queen , Jack and Ten of the suit declared by the Royal Flush holder on the board and if the other guy has the 9 and 8 of the same suit as pocket cards: HE HAS AN OPTION TO CALL, RAISE or FOLD. Assuming that the Royal flush claimant was Jesus in the flesh, and the Straight flush holder was Joseph Caiaphas, Caiaphas wanted JESUS to CALL and NOT TO RAISE. Jesus RAISED THE SPIRITUAL BAR. He threw away the Mosaic laws of retribution and brought in COMPASSION and SACRIFICE.

Caiaphas did not have the money to match JESUS’ bid. A spiritual bid, way beyond Caiaphas’ means. Caiphas pulled out his revolver and shot HIM dead.

Whom do i support? The killer who did not WANT TO play the game, HE DID NOT HAVE THE ACE AND KING HIMSELF BUT WAS NOT SURE IF JESUS HELD IT AT ALL!

Tidily written piece I must say

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feddabonn said...

while i know very little about poker, and most of its language is alien, i must agree. jesus was definitely a very very interesting/inspiring person!