Sunday, June 28, 2009

Public Transport and energy savings

Source: Transportation Crisis in Chennai - K P subramanian The Hindu 28th June '09 page 16 (Op-Ed)
Car and two-wheeler consume 5 & 2.6 times more energy than a bus

The carbon monoxide load in Chennai ranged between 1908 to 4198 mg/m3 (permissable level 200mgm3

The emission load of the pollutant SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) ranged between 264 to 451 mg/m3 (permissible level 200)

Average noise pollution levels in residential areas across the city is 70 db (permissible 55db)

Average of 620 persons die on City Roads annually in accidents
Fatality rate 35/10,000 vehicles
40% accidents involve pedestrians
10% cyclists

Transports and projects focus on supply side management not on Demand management
Demand management through higher taxation on road usage and parking
In Singapore owning a care is tough. Hefty trainers fee and license test has two theory exams

Before Buying a Car

1. Show documentary evidence of parking space
2. Prove maintenance capability
3. Impose fine on commuters without the using capacity
4. Road pricing is a technique that requires a special license to enter certain designated areas during peak hours
4. Parking fee must represent the value of land
5. Bus priority techniques likek 'priority at signals'
6. Inter modal connectivity MRTS, Railways and MTC


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