Saturday, June 27, 2009

Twitter is it useful !!!

My friend Milind Sojwal seemed a trifle peeved with twitter, he had this written on his facebook profile

I give up on twitter. After FB, twitter is so lame, counter-intuitive. Stop following me, those of you who do. I am a die hard FB-er.

The a whole lot of his friends commented supporting him. So I got down to do some investigation and found that Twitter needs to used for a purpose. Iam sure you would have read about what Twitter did post election in Iran, so when I read about the Afgan elections on Aug 20 I decided to use Twitter and connect with people in Afganistan.

In few minutes I was following nearly 10 of them from Afganistan, and in 1 hr I had a journo from AfganNews following I went to his friends list and within no time I was following nearly 40 of them ( I could have done more, but decided to pace it) You you go the whole hot I will be able to follow not less than 300 in one hour.

Well here are a few tips for Twitter usage

Davebirchall shares his experience on how he used it link

* twitter networks to spread the word about a greater good or worthy cause.

* Count downs. Twitter seems to be great for counting down to events or deadlines.

* Hash tags and keywords. Advanced users don’t really follow other users, they follow trends by using keyword digest tools or hash tags. Tweets relating to this event used the hashtag #CEOsleepout.

* Ask for a retweet. The benefits are obvious.

* Use opposing concepts. A little trick I learned for writing an attention grabbing headline is to use two seemingly contradictory concepts in the same sentence. In this case, the CEO and the concept of sleeping rough were at odds with each other and invited people to click through to find out more.

* Use a landing page. There’s only so much you can do in 140 characters, so explain what you mean in more detail before you invite people to take action.


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