Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walls of fire, water and bricks

The Berlin wall fell, the trumpets brought down the Iron curtain.  The information era heralded the futility of brick & mortar and made mockery of security that relied on the safety of brick walls.  The twin towers came crashing as a reminder of this truth.  The Babel was a lesson to this, well who cared for it anyway?  On a very individual level the mind of man is to possess a land, discuss the plans with an architect, buy the best bricks, the toughest steel and the most reliable cement and then build the strong walls and iron gates to mark the boundaries merely to find the illusion of security.  It is this fortified home or city that can nurture such revolt and danger within.

If only man can occupy his mind to open his home, to bring down the walls and let the light and breeze come in, so that those who need shelter can walk in and find solace, only then will he find true security.  Is there an architect who can plan a secure home for all, dewalled- desteeled and decemented ?  The architect of this world is probably the one who did this .... he made every thing for every man to enjoy.  He gave rain for the good and the wicked.  He provided for all.

The brick walls have fallen, and as islands secured amidst deep waters and nations governed by dictators cannot stop the flow of information.  The world of knowledge has been laid bare.  Its free, its springs come drink of it. 

Your security lies in the Word.

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