Friday, July 31, 2009

Ji Xianlin - The Linguist and Scholar.

I went a little red in my face after all the crazy news on MJ's death.. not because I don't consider MJ to be great musician (?) but the 'being carried away' euphoria of the mass. Its become a fashion statement to write a line or two about such celebrities in FB or Orkut and get some recognition. That's what gets me...

Ji Xianlin, (1911-2009)was a venerated Chinese Scholar who had "secretly translated the Sanskrit-Hindu text of Ramayana into Chinese during the Cultural Revolution.

He was a living symbol of ideal Chinese Scholar, and as such of a type of person who it is ever more difficult to find in today's fast paced, money crazed Chinese society. He was a man who had been born and raised in the "old society who knew the classics, who had attained great fame and yet did not attempt to convert his glory intopower, wealth or status...

I pay homage to this man...

courtesy: The Hindu (Jaswant Singh)

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