Thursday, July 30, 2009

The TEDx conversations II

Sociologists have been speculating about larger participation in political decision making process. Last Saturday as 6 of us sat down for the 3rd TEDx Conversations, it was Seth Godin who came on to talk about ‘Tribes’. The talk was delightful as he sprinkled wit on some serious talk capturing us for the whole length.

Nathan was part of a team that was given the task of cleaning up San Francisco of stray dogs/animals…. The job was done in great speed but Nathan and his boss were not pleased. What did Nathan do? He wanted to make San Francisco a ‘No Kill City’. He went to the community, garnered support and then went to the next and the next and so on.

The key is to ‘Smash the Light Bulb’ (a jewish wedding ceremony) to user in change. For average ideas need high advertising working an hypnotic spell. New Ideas work a lot differently… they can energize the community and glue them together. Tribes are what matters now. The church tribe, work tribe, community tribe and now with the internet tribes are everywhere (include the TEDx Chennai tribe)

Tribes can change the world. I saw this incredible Video of Estonians cleaning up their country of more than 10 000 tons of illegal waste lying around in nature. They developed a special software and geomapped more than 10 000 dumping sites all over the country. And on 3rd of May 2008, engaging hundreds of organizations and more than 50 000 volunteers, they cleaned it all up in just 5 hours! Phenomenal cost and time savings.

Post this vide we discussed and each of us were given an opportunity to express – the tribe we would like to start and the tribe we would be involved in. Six different positions, and if we were to nurture even 3 of those the society will feel the impact.

Siftables, the video that used the traditional blocks children play with but with some awesome interfaces. To a large extent it takes into consideration the natural proclivity of the brains method of learning – not structured but a bit randomized. If siftables were to hit the market, I think it should, then the way we learn, communicate, interact will be a lot different.

The discussion went on and on… A splendid time of learning.. to close the session we had Eve Ensler talking about Vagina Warriors.

We left with a strong urge to do. Let that seed grow


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