Friday, January 08, 2010

Looking forward

One really looks forward to some days. I have been a serious follower of Tamilzh Maiyam for long, relished on the music at the Annanagar Tower park last year and feasted on the Venu Biryani and Karandi Omlette at the Virugambakkam park... I always used to wonder how Fr. Jagath Gasper's team pulled off this multi location events with some superb performers and mind blowing food and events. Finally today I met the man, in flesh and blood, along with Kiruba. I got to understand that such things can be done with a cool head... and thats what I saw - a really cool head.
Few of my friends have already decided to take a long break starting with the Margalizhi season and ending with Tamilzh Maiyam... Now after some exhilarating six days at Natyakala'09 Iam really looking forward to the Tamilzh Maiyam...

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