Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TEDx Chennai Meetup #1

More Pics

It was a sunday, it was evening.. the venue was changed in the last some we said 5pm and to some 6pm...(twas a error while messaging) Yet it was really wonderful to see a good turn out and some really fresh faces too. Coffee Day was noisy, with the weekend crowd buzzing, and the music playing loud with a faster beat (with the intention of having the people move faster)

It was usual discussion. Kiruba, Raja and me did a quick thinking and decided on the topic before the others could come. It was so good that we decided to dump democracy to the bin and announce. This is what happens when the right idea gets on to you and you know for sure its the right one.

It was INSPIRE in 2009 and its going to be DO for 2010.

Then we discussed about sponsorship and committees and responsibilities etc.. And then the most important topic - on when a where to meet next.

Crocodile Park as a venue - actually why not?

Nobody wanted to leave.

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