Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The fortune teller

How queer it is when one is just standing by the road and when a man with a light beard with the gift of the gab approaches you and commits to dissect you life.  I was quite taken aback but was in a fairly open mind, and my body language obviously communicated my incline to talk to him while my verbal appeals was a resounding NO.  This saffron dude was smart, he rejected my verbal appeal and processed my non verbal cues.

The next step was a sample.  He say "Jee Dont pay but I will tell.. and we gave a twitter kind of talk"

It worked.  Dont u think the same applies in a more sophisticated level when this equivalents of road side soothsayers scale up style and language and call themselves consultants.  What did I learn?  Learn t never to processes the verbal blast but handle the non verbal cues.

So much to learn from the roads.. what they may not probably teach you at IIM perhaps

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