Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Subway? watch ur head wear ur helmet !!!!!

Tucked in a quite but strategic place at Nungambakkam, Chennai is this joint called SUBWAY. My blogging friends used to meet here every week, sometimes thrice a week, to catch up. Believe me its a fine place for conversations and food. Come on, CCD is too tinny really does not have the bite, would not mind CCD for some gossipy stuff. But subway was for planning, scheming and strategizing, for little more serious work.

6 months ago I bought his fancy looking bike, a cruiser.It was – Iam a writer/ blogger I better be a little different you see – kind of purchase decision. Then I said my head gear better be good. So I went about the market and picked up a fantastic white helmet, that looks like what the airforce dudes wear, it costed me a small fortune. It was a pleasure wearing that head gear.

As a writer I travel to many nooks and crannies of the city, to slum joints to sip tea with some real earthy people and I merely leave my helmet on the bike. The Chennaites are very decent was a line got reinforced into me till i lost my fav helmet in a silk stocking like Subway Nungambakkam. And my friend lost his too. So two nuts in one stone by some petty thief.

You cant blame subway for that can you? yet I went a complained to the Head of the unit, I had to cry on somebody’s shoulders dammit, and to my surprise he said he will organize new ones. WOWIEEEE!!!!!!! I was delighted. This is was too much for me to handle. 24 hrs later the story changed, obviously he never got his internal approvals.

So I wrote this letter to Mr Senthil on Jan 2nd

Hi Senthil

A few of us bloggers who are also involved in conducting events like TEDx, Social Media Camp etc used to meet up at Subway Nungambakkam regularly.. No we had no problems with the service .. Three days back 2 of the team members had parked the vehicle in a proper place and seemlingy ‘friendly’ security man advised us to park it inside. We obliged and also tipped him for his kindness.

In a matter of one hour.. 2 of our helmets went missing.. Believe me, as bloggers we park our vehicles in the most crazy places and we never loose it, and in a place like yours at Nungambakkam nobody will take it.
Can you please look into this and give me a suitable feedback. We really want to come there but we are quite disturbed.

Benedict G

No reply. No reply. No reply. No reply. The subway boards somehow over the period of these 4 months lost its attractiveness. Pink papaya does not exist afterall.

And this morning comes this mail from Vipin Sachdev .. hoooray.. now guys I will keep u posted on what is going to happen from now on

Dear Benedict,
I am sorry for the delayed response.
Thank you for letting me know on this unfortunate incident. I am shocked that the thankless building security guards. Ashok Kumar – Head operations will take corrective action to prevent such occurrences in future & will get back to you over phone/email today.
I thank you & look forward to your continued patronage.
Best wishes,
Vipin Sachdev.

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