Monday, April 19, 2010

The sincere ones are the losers

In a game there is a winner and a loser right?  well thats what you think.  I come from this blessed media business and I know how a paper that does not sell well manages to be more profitable that the market leader.  The market leader ends up printing more and more copies because more and more people are reading it.  The biggest cost input for a newspaper obviously is the newsprint cost, so the leader buys more, imports more because newsprint is in short supply, and employs more people (which means more problems) and has to face the displeasure of the advertising community when the advertising rates are increased.

The rat, who is a sluggard, whose paper no one wants to touch, is losing circulation.  And he is least bothered.  He is in fact making the life of those sincere circulation staff who are working over time to push up sales (dumb guys).  But the owner does not want to sell.  Because for him selling means more newsprint, more staff to handle the operations, which in turn is more cost. 

Instead the rat is busy trying to desell the paper. And what does he do? Everytime the leader increases the advertising rates to match the circulation increase the rat also increases but on a diminishing circulation.  End of the day  the rat makes more money.

So dont me fools to believe that the owners of IPL teams that are not doing well are not doing well.  Relax  today we talk about Priety Zenita, Sharukh Khan, Vijay Mallaya and Ambani in the same breath.  Now look at this picture of Priety Zenita showing a thumbs up to the Ambanis.  Well when will she ever get a chance to do this.

There was this guy, I forgot his name, lets call him Ravi.  Now Ravi was also called Pan Parag Ravi, because he was a dealer for Pan parag.  He had tons of money but his image was in the pits because of his association with pan parag.  Now Ravi was an ambitious man, and he knew that with his pan parag image he will not be able to move forward.  So he planned to shed his image.  Can he do it?  its not easy unless he does something or gets associated with another brand that is more powerful that Pan parag. Thats exactly what Ravi did.  He invested tons of money on a brand that overnight transformed his image.  Pan parag tag was shed.  And Ravi became a huge hit.

Life works very differently.  Shahrukh Khan's Kolkota Knight Riders may be the only team that has not made into the semis so far, but so what.  Poor Sharukh has got a lot of sympathy. For a leading actor a sympathetic wave does more good that harm.  So the more KKR languishes more Sharukh will benefit.  In cocktail parties people will be more gentle and kind to him.  Some may even give him more money along with sympathy.  What about Priety Zienita, Punjab may not be the best of teams, maybe its kissing ground zero, so what, somebody has to do it right?  A actor like Priety Zenita anyway may not fit into the big screen as an actor anymore, so when she screams for joy or bites her nails during the match it makes great eye candies, the emotions an actress can bring into the small screen will never go unnoticed, and its valuable indeed. 

So when Punjab actually sucks on the cricket field, Priety is dancing to the bank with sackful of sympathy value.  She may end up getting some good roles in Bollywood for the image of being the owner of a losing team.

Summary.  End of the day the poor suckers who pay to watch the matches on TV or in the stadium are more serious about the teams than the owners themselves.  I have heard of numerous fans being affected but the loss of one team, some have ended their lives too. But you will never hear of any owner of any IPL team going bankurupt at any point in time. 

The biggest winner of the IPL so far is KKR and then comes Punjab.  The others are just about straining themselves and stretching to win and exposing them themselves to injuries.  The game is all about fun.  Ask Shashi Tharoor.

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