Thursday, May 20, 2010

Motivation to Blog

Why motivates me from writing a blog? Do I get paid for it? Not really.  I want to generate enormous content every day and share it on my blog.  I even try to spend time with people on the street corners talking to them and picking up nuggets of wisdom.  I blog on the move, take pictures and shoot videos and upload them for what? I spend time organizing, linking, reading blogs and commenting. Do I see a transaction out here, any concrete reward ?  What I am probably trying to build is the‘reputational capital’ hoping it will monetize on its own.

I am actually very critical of this hopeless equation value = money. I want to prove to myself that brilliant can be produced collectively without money changing hands.  Here I see the new world emerging.

I love writing and I love the attention.  As Howard Rheingold has written I love this voluntary cooperation. Its powerful and worth thinking about’

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