Thursday, May 20, 2010

Social media made news

The tsunami had happened, numerous people had been washed away at the Marina beach, as I stood by the shores thinking how the waters had receded almost inviting the people who were on the shores, I was amazed at the deception of the ocean that came back with full fury consuming many innocent lives. Nobody knew about this but for the animals

But then information started pouring in.  A group of unconnected writers, and bloggers with a collective effort actually made much better sense than what the disconnected mainstream media could give. So the destructive Tsunami actually helped launch the AGE OF NOW.

James Surowiecki, talking at the TED on “When social media became news” asks three questions.  Incidentally this blog post is inspired by his talk and dwells entirely on his talk at the TED.

1.        What does it tell us about our ideas about what motivate people to do things?

2.        Does blogs have the possibility of accessing collective intelligence that has been untapped hitherto.

3.        The problems and the dark side of blogs.

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