Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of sledgehammer and a broken fortress

I have built walls

A fortress deep and might

That none may penetrate.......

(Iam a Rock by Simon & Garfunkle)


22 years is certainly a long time to keep away from friends who live within a 5 km radius and with whom I have spent the best part of my working life.  Deftly slipping away from parties and other occasions that may probably get me into a interaction with my old friends was something I had avoided with much elan.  Why should I do this?  The answer may elude me.  To me honest I had nothing much to contribute in such occasions. My tongue was tied and my countenance did not present a comfortable look even to myself.

So when i found myself contributing substantially to a noisy conversation at the Sterling Club with 5 of my old colleagues, it felt a lot different. There was a fun and camaraderie.  We parted reluctantly planning to meet often.  It was a lot different. The veil has been torn asunder, so it seems. 



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