Friday, June 04, 2010

Steve Vatz and his interview

It was around 10.30 pm when I stepped into the recording den of Steve, he had this vacuum cleaner in his hand and was talking to someone over the phone.  Sam, from Guntakal (AP) was sitting.  I walked in curious to find what Steve was going to do.  What was happening at that time was an interview to choose his student.  Apparently its not easy to become a student of Steve, I guess he is a good teacher and he was his own teacher. 

He learnt playing the guitar on his own.  He was brought up by his Mom, who worked in Britannia Industries, the family apparently faced challenges.  So to get his first guitar, while doing his sixth standard, was not an easy thing for Steve.  Three years he just fiddled with it, moved his fingers, made sounds and was patiently at it.  Nobody to teach him.  And then all of a sudden it happened.  It was lie I was "created to play the guitar", he says.

Those who learn from him will be fortunate indeed, for Steve basics is advanced stuff.  The flight of stairs you can take with Steve can put you on another level.  Warning : he is very demanding 

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