Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let it pass - hail the hunger gene

Yesterday I was chatting up with a successful entrepreneur. While talking to him, I realized that Indians have mastered this ‘let is pass’ attitude or also known as the ‘chaltha hai’ which is scorned and  derided by all.  Chaltha Hai or let is pass is linked to sloth or laziness neither does it refer to average or suboptimal stuff it merely means I will let it pass or I will not fret over it, or I will work around it.  I will let hunger pass, greed pass, pleasure pass  etc etc .  A far more popular version of this is ‘adjust karo’  or I will adjust (much scorned by a television commercial for UGs)

Do we realize that we are making fun of our own culture which is our own strength?

I need to check the veracity of what Iam going to say, if some of you who read this and know about it you have to comment on this.  I have read that Indians over the ages, have been content with what nature provided them with.  When they had food they ate and they ate that which was available.  They never took any efforts to force nature to produce more that what it gave.  And when nature provided them with a bountiful harvest they rejoiced and celebrated.  So when there was no food they settled for roots and leaves.  I understand the Betel Leaves which is mildly stimulating with medicinal properties, normally chewed after food can also help hunger.  So over a period of time, the gene that stimulates  hunger, comes from its role in producing a hormone called ghrelin (obestatin) can also suppress the same (hunger).  It is almost certain this gene was very active in every Indian, suddenly overfeeding ourselves is perhaps the reason for this same hunger surpressing – life giving gene has  turned around with diabetes and other heart problems.

Lets face it, if only people can live within their means, adjust and have a ‘let it pass’ attitude and explore the potential within first they will never would want to explore or exploit the material stuff around the world.  When Alexander the Great met up with the gymnosophist (the naked wise man) Alexander asked as to what he was doing for which the gymnosophist answered, experiencing nothingness.  When Alexander told the gynosophist that he was conquering the world, the gymnosophist was quite puzzled as why should do something like conquring the world when understanding oneself was a problem.  Alexander surely felt that this naked man was a total waster and walked away.

Sooner or later the world will look towards India for solutions for contended life.  All this rhetoric about preserving the earth and going green will fail.  It will finally come to having the courage to be able to say ‘ let it pass’.

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