Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Its certainly was not one of those days that I wanted to hide my head into the sand and wish that world did not exist.  I wanted to look directly into the sun, such was the day.  It started out well, but the road bumps were a big too big midway that my underbelly got a bit affected.   This vehicle that carries me, wants to serve, but is not designed to do so I guess.  I would not want to find fault with some lovely passengers who hop on to this vehicle either.

But for my little talk with Steve about the power of the Word, late in the evening and the sensible time I had with Vishy,  I can hardly recall any other moments of use.

Iam starting to destest meaningless nothings.  I realised I am becoming a complete sceptic too.  The word 'balance' is tilting my scales, words like ' I understand ' is piercing my soul.  I wish I can sleep and sleep.  I like the creation and the world then why am I saying this? 

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